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In 1993, while I was 21 years old I opened a sandwich restaurant franchise and began a career in the food industry.  Within months of opening the franchise I moved out of state and began working for the franchisor in the Corporate Office where I proceeded to learn all the aspects of franchising. 

After a few years, I found myself in the position to buy the development rights to that franchise as well as another franchise for my home state of California.  I did so and began to oversee the development of the state.  Wanting to know the fastest and best way to grow my 30 locations into 100, I started researching franchising and how other brands had developed.

I developed a little timeline to track the restaurants and posted the information on the internet so I would be able to review it from home or from the office.  As search engines became popular, my site started to find other interested eyes viewing it. 

I eventually moved the site to it's own domain (www.whendidithappen.com) and let it sit.  I eventually got out of the food business and started my own Media business (www.dacymedia.com) but the site stayed online and kept getting busier and busier.

After years of sitting gathering dust, I decided to give it an overhaul and add other brands besides only restaurants.  I hope you find the site interesting and accurate.  If you have any additional information or corrections, please contact us or submit a new listing.

Thanks for visiting.

Dacy Nottingham




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