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1894 Benz Patent Motor Car





1856 Holden James Alexander Holden www.holden.com
1862 Opel Adam Opel www.opel.com
1885 Daimler-Moteren-Gesellschaft Gottlieb Daimler & Wilheim Maybach www.mercedes-benz.com
  Daimler Riding Car (Motorcycle) Gottlieb Daimler www.mercedes-benz.com
1886 Benz & Cie Karl Benz www.mercedes-benz.com
Benz Patent Motor Car Karl Benz www.mercedes-benz.com
Daimler Motorized Carriage Gottlieb Daimler & Wilheim Maybach www.mercedes-benz.com
1887 Daimler Motorized Handcar Gottlieb Daimler & Wilheim Maybach www.mercedes-benz.com
1889 Daimler Quadricycle Gottlieb Daimler & Wilheim Maybach www.mercedes-benz.com
Peugeot Armand Peugeot  
1893 Benz Victoria (First 4 Wheel) Karl Benz www.mercedes-benz.com
1894 Benz Belocipede Karl Benz www.mercedes-benz.com
1895 Benz Motorized Bus Karl Benz www.mercedes-benz.com
1896 Daimler Vis--vis (Belt Driven) Gottlieb Daimler & Wilheim Maybach www.mercedes-benz.com
1897 Rambler Nash www.porsche.com
  Studebaker Henry Studebaker  
  Olds Motor Vehicle Company Ransom Eli Olds www.oldsmobile.com
1898 Daimler Motorized Truck Gottlieb Daimler & Wilheim Maybach www.mercedes-benz.com
Renault Voiturette Renault  
1899 Renault Corporation Louis, Marcel and Fernand Ren ault and Thomas Evert www.renault.com
  Fiat Giovanni Agnelli www.fiat.com
  Olds Motor Works Ransom Eli Olds www.oldsmobile.com
  Packard James & William Packard
  Oldsmobile Ransom Eli Olds www.oldsmobile.com
  Opel Patent Motor Car Opel www.opel.com

1876 Nicolaus August Otto invented the gas motor engine in 1876
1885 Gottlieb Daimler invented a gas engine that allowed for a revolution in car design.
1885 Karl Benz builds the world's first gasoline-powered vehicle. It has a traveling speed of nine miles per hour.
1891 America's first gasoline-powered automobile was the 1891 Lambert car invented by John W. Lambert.
1892 Gottlieb Daimler invents the carburetor. Throughout the decade, German and French engineers take a leading role in developing automotive technology.
1895 A diesel engine, which operates on a petroleum fuel cheaper than gasoline, is invented by German engineer Rudolf Diesel.
1898 American motorcar production reaches 1,000, up from 100 the year before and 25 two years ago.
1899 Mercedes Name used for the first time.  Named after the daughter of Emil Jellinek, A race car driver that worked with Wilhelm Maybach from Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft.

Also at this time in History
1886 The Statue of Liberty is dedicated in New York Harbor.
1887 Thomas Edison invents the record player.
1888 George Eastman invents the Kodak camera, making it possible for anyone, not just professionals, to take photographs.
1895 A Parisian theater hosts the first movie shown in a theater.
1897 The cathode-ray tube is invented by German physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun, prefiguring the development of the television set.

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