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1984 Ferrari Testarossa





1983 Saleen Steve Saleen www.saleen.com
  Honda CRX Honda www.honda.com
  Nissan 300ZX Nissan www.nissanusa.com
  Dodge Caravan Dodge www.dodge.com
  Mercury Topaz Mercury www.mercuryvehicles.com
  Renault 11 Renault www.renault.com
1984 Ford Tempo Ford www.ford.com
Jeep Cherokee Jeep www.jeep.com
Mercedes Benz 200 Series Mercedes-Benz www.mercedes-benz.com
Pontiac Fiero Pontiac www.pontiac.com
Saab 9000 Saab www.saabusa.com
Toyota 4Runner Toyota www.toyota.com
Toyota MR2 Toyota www.toyota.com
Dodge Daytona Dodge www.dodge.com
Plymouth Laser Plymouth www.chrysler.com
Daihatsu Rocky Daihatsu www.daihatsu.com
Lincoln Mark VII Lincoln www.lincoln.com
Subaru Justy Subaru www.subaru.com
Ferrari GTO Ferrari www.ferrari.com
Ferrari Testarossa Ferrari www.ferrari.com
Renault Super5 Renault www.renault.com
Renault Escape Renault www.renault.com
Rolls-Royce Continental Rolls-Royce www.rolls-royce.com
Citroen Axel Citroen www.citroen.com
Citroen C15 Citroen www.citroen.com
1985 Chevrolet Astro Chevrolet www.chevrolet.com
  GMC Safari GMC www.gmc.com
  Nissan Sentra Nissan www.nissanusa.com
  Volvo 480 Volvo www.volvo.com
  Cadillac Brougham Cadillac www.cadillac.com
  Hyundai Excel Hyundai www.hyundai.com
  Subaru Alcyone (XT) (SVX) Subaru www.subaru.com
  Suzuki Swift Suzuki www.globalsuzuki.com
  Ferrari 328 Ferrari www.ferrari.com
  Ferrari 412 Ferrari www.ferrari.com
  Buick Somerset Buick www.buick.com
  Saturn General Motors www.saturn.com
1986 Ford Aerostar Ford www.ford.com
Ford Taurus Ford www.ford.com
Hyundai Azera Hyundai www.hyundai.com
Mercury Sable Mercury www.mercuryvehicles.com
Nissan Pathfinder Nissan www.nissanusa.com
Toyota Supra Toyota www.toyota.com
Oldsmobile Calais Oldsmobile www.oldsmobile.com
Jeep Comanche Pickup Jeep www.jeep.com
Ford Festiva Ford www.ford.com
Citroen AX Citroen www.citroen.com
Lamborghini LM002 Lamborghini www.lamborghini.com
Acura Honda www.acura.com
Acura Integra Acura www.acura.com
Acura Legend Acura www.acura.com

1983 The Datsun brand officially starts using Nissan

Also at this time in History
1983 Denny's Purchases El Pollo Loco
1983 Cabbage Patch dolls become a fanatically sought item.
1983 Cellular phones make their first U.S. appearance in Chicago
1983 First Hooters opens in Florida

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