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Nathanís Famous Hotdogs
Founded in 1916 on Coney Island, NY by Nathan Handwerker
Currently has revenue of $29.8 Million a year with 370 locations

Nathan's Famous began as a nickel hot dog stand in Coney Island in 1916 and grew to become the much-loved New York institution now available throughout the United States and overseas.

For the majority of its 85 years, Nathan's focused on the sale of its products through fast-food restaurants. Recently, however, the company has implemented an aggressive strategy to expand the reach of its brand by diversifying product offerings and adopting an expanding points-of-distribution program.

Nathan's Parent Company, Nathan's Famous, Inc. also owns Miami Subs, Arthur Treacher's and Kenny Rogers Roasters.

1916 Nathan's Famous Nathan Handwerker Coney Island, NY www.nathansfamous.com
1921 White Castle Hamburgers Walter Anderson & E.W. "Billy" Ingram Wichita, KS www.whitecastle.com
1922 A&W Roy Allen & Frank Wright Sacramento, CA www.awrestaurants.com
1925 Howard Johnsons Howard Johnson Wollaston, MA www.hojo.com
1926 Orange Julius Julius Freed & Bill Hamlin Los Angeles, CA www.orangejulius.com
1926 Pizzeria Regina Anthony Polcari Boston, MA www.polcaris.com
1926 Maid-Rite Fred Angell Muscatine, IA www.maid-rite.com
1929 Karmelkorn Bill O'Sullivan Casper, WY www.karmelkorn.com
1932 Krystal Rody Davenport Jr. & J. Glenn Cherrill Chattanooga, TN www.krystal.com
1934 Steak 'n Shake Gus Belt Normal, IL www.steaknshake.com
1936 Carvel Ice Cream Tom Carvel New York, NY www.carvel.com
1936 Papa Gino's Michael and Helen Velerio Boston, MA www.papaginos.com
1936 Big Boy Bob Wian Glendale, CA www.bigboy.com
1937 Krispy Kreme Vernon Rudolph Winston-Salem, NC www.krispykreme.com
1939 Country Kitchen Bill Johnson and Bill Goodman Cincinnati, OH countrykitchenrestaurants.com



1916 Nathan's begins serving Coca Cola.  Today, Nathan's holds the distinction of being Coca Cola's longest chain customer.
1919 Roy Allen (A&W) starts selling Rootbeer 
1924 Don Carlos put up first Refreshment Stand in Northern Utah (Arctic Circle)
1935 Howard Johnson starts franchising in Orleans at Cape Cod
1939 200 Howard Johnson's at the beginning of WWII

Also at this time in History
Other Brands: 1901- Quaker Oats is founded
  1912- F.F. Woolworth Co. is incorporated when Frank Woolworth buys out several
     five-and-dime store chains.
  1912- Universal Pictures is founded by several film producers
  1917- Book store to become Barnes and Noble is opened
  1932- Fritos Chips are introduced
Other Things: 1912- New Mexico and Arizona are admitted as states.
  1912- The Titanic sinks on its maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg
  1919- Dial telephones are introduced by the American Telephone and Telegraph
     Company. Telephone operators, mostly women in the workforce, protest and
     threaten to strike.

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