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Featured Brand:

Teriyaki Stix
Founded in 1995 in Provo Utah by Mike and Rick Clayton
Currently has 45 locations

Teriyaki Stix is healthy Japanese fast food that has locations in the Western United States, primarily in Utah and Idaho.  They serve a variety of chicken, beef and rice bowls and Asian noodles.

Teriyaki Stix's parent company, HYATS LLC, also owns Hogi Yogi, Sandwiches, Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies, and Glazies Donuts.

1995 Teriyaki Stix Mike & Rick Clayton Provo, UT www.teriyakistix.com
Zuka Juice Dave Duffin Provo, UT www.jambajuice.com
Haru - New York, NY  
1996 Cosi Jay & Shep Wainwright New York, NY www.getcosi.com
  Bahama Breeze Blaine Sweatt Orlando, FL www.bahamabreeze.com
1997 Crescent City Bunch Family Houston, TX www.crescentcitybeignets.com
1998 ETX El Torito Pasedena, CA www.eltorito.com
  Montana Mikes - Miami, OK www.sirloinstockade.com
  Rockfish Seafood Grill Randy & Michele Dewitt Plano, TX www.rockfishseafood.com
  Flemings Steakhouse Paul Fleming and William Allen III Newport Beach, CA www.flemingssteakhouse.com
1999 Biaggi's - Bloomington, IL www.biaggis.com
Grand Lux Café The Cheesecake Factory Las Vegas, NV www.grandluxcafe.com
Brio Tuscan Grille Rick and Chris Doody - www.brioitalian.com
Coyote Canyon - Salina, KS www.sirloinstockade.com

1995 GeneralMills spins off restaurants- Darden Rest Inc.
  Boston chicken changes name to Boston market
  Juice Club changes name to Jamba Juice
  Murphy's Pizza and Papa Aldo's Pizza merge to form Papa Murphy's Pizza
  Tim Horton's merges with Wendy's International and opens it's 1000th Tim Hortons.
1996 Atvantica purchases Coco's and Carrows.
  CKE Restaurants, Inc purchases the Taco Bueno Chain
  New World Restaurant Group purchased Willoughby's Coffee & Tes
  The last known Burger Chef was closed in Cookville, TN  Carls Jr owns the rights to the name until 2006
  Champps acquired by DAKA International
1997 Juice Club changes name to Jamba Juice
  Hogi Yogi Starts serving Smoothies
  PepsiCo spins off all quick service restaurants and creates TRICON Global Restaurants
  Wendy’s opens store # 5000
  DAKA spins off Fuddruckers, Champps, and others into Unique Casual Restaurants
  Rubios Fish Tacos becomes Rubios Baja Grill
  Krystal is aquired by Port Royal Holding Inc.
  Chesapeake Bagel sold to AFC Enterprizes
  Country Kitchen acquired by Charles M Myers
  Papa Gino's acquires D'angelo's
1998 Prandium Inc buys El Torito, Koo Koo Roo & Chi'Chi's
  CKE buys Hardee's from Advantica
  Miami Subs partners with Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips to Co-brand
  PF Changs Goes Public
  Mrs Fields purchases Pretzelmaker
  New World Restaurant Group purchased Manhattan Bagel Company
  Unique Casual Restaurants Sells Fuddruckers
  Krystal Begins Franchising
1999 Jamba Juice buys Zuka Juice
  Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs purchases struggling Kenny Rogers Roasters
  Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs purchases Miami Subs
  Unique sells off other concepts and changes name to Champps Entertainment
  Benihana's purchases Haru Sushi House
  Chesapeake Bagel sold to New World Manhattan Bagel Co.
  Xando & Cosi Merge

Also at this time in History
Other Brands: 1995- Baked Lays are offered by Frito-Lay
  1997- Aquafina water is offered by PepsiCo
  1998- Comp USA acquires Computer City from Tandy Corporation
Other Things: 1996- During the 100th anniversary of the Olympics, a bomb explodes in Atlanta's Centennial Park, killing one and injuring 111 others.
  1996- A shooting in Las Vegas results in the death of rapper Tupac Shakur.
  1998- The Clinton sex scandal explodes when the president denies having a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, prompting Whitewater investigator Kenneth Starr to refocus his investigation. The explicit Starr Report is released in September, and Clinton becomes the second American president to be impeached.

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