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  Au Bon Barnaby's of South Bend Claim Jumper Restaurants


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Miguel's Restaurant
Founded in 1973 in Corona, CA by Mike & Mary Vasquez
Currently has 7 QSR locations and 2 full service restaurants

Miguel's Restaurant was founded in 1973 by Mike and Mary Vasquez in Corona, California. They renamed it “Miguel's” in honor of Mike's grandfather, and decided to make an attempt at the restaurant business. With three small children, they struggled to make a go of it. Mike kept his day job and worked the restaurant at night, while Mary developed dishes and recipes based on those from her childhood in Mexico. In 1974, before their last child was born, they moved the family from San Bernardino to Corona. By 1975, business was improving so much they decided to open a fast food restaurant down the road and named it “Miguel's Jr”. It was an instant success! Currently there are seven Miguel's Jr. locations, four in the Corona-Norco area, one in the Galleria at Tyler in Riverside, and the others in Grand Terrace and Fontana.



Yoshinoya Coffee Beanery Chi-Chi's
1975 Chili's - Dallas, TX www.chilis.com
El Pollo Loco Juan Francisco Guasave,  www.elpolloloco.com
Miguels Jr Mike and Mary Vasquez Corona, CA www.miguelsjr.com
Casa Gallardo Romon Gallardo St Louis, MO www.casagallardo.com
1976 Chi-Chi's - - www.chi-chis.com
  Coffee Beanery JoAnne and Julius Shaw - www.coffeebeanery.com
1977 Claim Jumper Craig Nickolaff Los Alamitos, CA www.claimjumper.com
1978 Chuck E. Cheeses - www.chuckecheese.com
  Ben & Jerry's Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield Burlingon, VT www.benjerry.com
  Au Bon Pain Louis Kane Boston, MA www.aubonpain.com
  Barnaby's Family Inn - Southbend, IN www.southbendbarnabys.com
1979 Yoshinoya Irv Rossman Columbus, OH www.goodtaste.org
Damon's - Los Angeles, CA www.damons.com
House of Donuts - CA www.houseofdonuts.com
Las Brisas Larry Cano Laguna Beach, CA -

1975 100th Carl's Jr. Opened
  Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs acquires Wetson Hamberger Chain and it's 70 units in NY
1976 Wendy’s goes public
1977 Pizza Hut merges into PepsiCo
  Country Kitchen acquired by Carlson Companies
1978 PepsiCo purchases Taco Bell
1979 Howard Johnson's 1040 restaurants and 520 motor lodges acquired by Imperial Group of Great Britain.

Also at this time in History
Other Brands: 1976- Ted Turner establishes WTBS Superstation in Atlanta.
  1976- Stephen Wozniak & Steven Jobs start Apple Computer in a garage.
  1979- Sony introduces the Walkman radio.
Other Things: 1977- Rock pioneer Elvis Presley dies in Memphis.
  1978- Production on the Volkswagen Beetle is halted this year after 20 million have been made since 1949

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